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Home » Archives » September 2006 » I'll Adopt Yours If You Eat Mine

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09/30/2006:"I'll Adopt Yours If You Eat Mine"

Waitin' for the UFOs(7k image)[Warning! The following post may be NSFWS (not safe for weak stomachs) and generally offensive to the PC-minded.] If it weren't for the fact that the program is supported by this guy, this Adopt-a-Clit program might actually be a worthy cause, as female genital mutilation remains an all-too common and horrifyingly cruel problem. Somehow I doubt Mr. Clonehead is going to put your money to good work though. He'd probably spend it all on a big plate of dick. By the way, that last link is just a BBC news item. Worth reading, if only to see phrases like "She guides me round the penis platter" used casually.