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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Non Smokers Are So Cute

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09/23/2006:"Non Smokers Are So Cute"

chile_nonsmoke (15k image)Breaking a little from this week's focus, we'd like to talk about another kind of tube. As a confirmed addict, to get me to quit smoking you'd have to pry the cigarettes "from my cold, dead hands", to paraphrase Chuck Heston a bit. That doesn't stop me from admiring a clever anti-smoking campaign when I see one. Check out this Chilean "Guerilla PSA", in which they roll up small sheets of propaganda to look like cigarettes and then leave them laying around on the streets. Frankly, that's just unsportsman-like if you ask me. Speaking of manners, this Japanese campaign is amazing in terms of how it uses the personal pronoun and strange graphics to keep the smoking populace smoking politely. If you like any of the messages, they all have little PDF download icons. I especially like this one, in which they acknowledge their own campaign is "like children scolding adults with paintbrushes", or this one, which says "before passing gas I look behind me".