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Home » Archives » September 2006 » The Copyfight Continues (EMI Shivers Yer Timbers. Arggh!)

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09/09/2006:"The Copyfight Continues (EMI Shivers Yer Timbers. Arggh!)"

Wow. The record industry's at it again. If you happened to catch The Beachles (the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper & Beach Boys' Pet Sounds smashed together) while it was on line, you know that it was unlistenable tripe, but interesting all the same. But now, (just like they did with Danger Mouse's Grey Album & djBC's Beastles) they're going after the poor nerd that created it, because, you know, if you have some horrible mix that merges "I'm Waiting For The Day" and "Fixing a Hole" into "Im Fixing It, Dayhole", you'll never buy a Beatles album, you filthy pirate, ARGGH...

Guess the copyfight's still on. So buy one of our copyfight parodies from Cafepress.