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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Look At My Big Fat Tube

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09/20/2006:"Look At My Big Fat Tube"

View Clip on YouTubeMy big YouTube, that is. The site that I use as a primary marketing & sales channel for web design and development ( was approved for a "Director Account", which lets us upload longer clips than standard accounts. To check things out, we converted and uploaded an early video (YouTube Video Link) about my friend Lori Bergemann, who does some very cool wildlife conservation and education work in Kenya via her non-profit, Amara Conservation. Amara shows educational films in the bush (as pictured here) among other things. Shameless Self Promotion: I did the soundtrack and some of the camera work for the piece. All the really high-quality work was shot by Simon Trevor, who worked on "Out of Africa" & "Gorillas in the Mist", and has his own conservation-oriented NGO, the AEFF. Lots of the close-up elephant shots are from the elephant orphanage run by the Sheldrick Trust. YouTube Rocks!