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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Mickey Mouse Copyright Laws

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09/27/2006:"Mickey Mouse Copyright Laws"

mickey_in_chains_anim (14k image)
Ever heard of David Goodger? Me neither, until I was reviewing old articles I'd written about Mickey Mouse Copyright Laws in preparation for my upcoming "Free Mickey" campaign, in which I'll test other copyleftists' tolerance for having their ideas repurposed, and use some Mickey Mouse methods to do it. David Goodger designed the black-and-white symbol that's part of the blinking image on the left. He did it using a Creative Commies license, which lawyers I've talked to say might be a joke in court. I'm not gonna harass old Dave, his symbol represents the eternal imprisonment of Mickey, which upsets me too. I've got other escapades in mind. Stay tuned. Pretty soon Mickey may be shoving so many lawyers up my ass I can open a law firm up there.