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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Can LonelyBoy Put MyTube in YourSpace?

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09/21/2006:"Can LonelyBoy Put MyTube in YourSpace?"

yatube (3k image)After having some fun yesterday uploading a video to YouTube, I got curious about the state of the whole video sharing idustry. It's pretty crazy out there. As well as YouTube and Google Video, there's MSN's Soapbox (in beta, invite only right now), Yahoo Video and Yahoo Current , Grouper (recently acquired by Sony), Sharkle and DailyMotion (up to 1GB of storage!), Vimeo and iFilm (no limit specified), Stage6 DivX (up to 2GB but requires DivX webplayer), ZippyVideos, OnFuego, and VidLife. Phew!

Tomorrow: most common video sharing cliches.