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Home » Archives » September 2006 » A Bridge to World Peace

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09/06/2006:"A Bridge to World Peace"

Well, maybe not. We've all probably heard of Esperanto (Wikipedia link), but I'd never of Europanto until yesterday. Can you understand this sample sentence? (Click the "more" button below for the translation.):

"Eine terrible menace incumbe over el Kingdom des Angleterra. Poor Regina Elisabeth habe spent todo seine dinero in charmingantes hats und pumpkinose carrosses und maintenow habe keine penny left por acquire de Champagne dat necessite zum celebrate Prince Charles anniversario op el 14 Novembro."

A terrible menace has come over the Kingdom of England. Poor Queen Elizabeth has spent all of her money in charming hats and pumpkin carriages, and now is left without a penny to buy the Champagne which is necessary to celebrate Prince Charles' birthday on November 14th.