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Music Reviews & Articles "Democratic Leadership" Is An Oxymoron
Part Two of "Can the Left Get it Right?"

Music Reviews & Articles Alright, Where'd You Hide That Freedom of Information, Anyway?
Ian interviews Joseph Haney, creator of

Hard To Deicide
The Frankenstein & Cain Motifs in Dystopian Cinema: better eat your young before they eat you.

Music Reviews & ArticlesMP3 Dot Bomb
Sifting Through the Wreckage of an Internet Innovator

Copyfight Article Fight for your Right to Copyfight
RunDMCA, Run: Part 1 in a series on the "copyfight" movements. A little fun with parody and fair use.

The end of the world can be much more fun than you might think. The last of Ian's ramblings about dystopia in media.

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1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
Hey 2005! 1984 called & said it wants its plot back! Part of our series on negative utopias in film and books

Music Reviews & ArticlesCreedence Clearwater Revival
You can take the Ian out of the
trailer park, but you can't take the...

The 2004 Final Poll Results
Man, were we ever askew...

The Liberal Elitist Is Back
With A Special Bush-Bashing Issue, And It's Worserer Than Ever (See The Back Issues Too)

Terry's Erotic, Violent, (and sticky) Coffee Table
Terry ponders Blood, Ballistics, Shooting Sex, Sorayama, Revenge and Panties

Terry's Summer Vacation
He Only Watched 3 Movies?
Blood: The Last Vampire, Charlie's Angels, and Matrix Reloaded

Panasonic's AG-DVX100
Terry Cleverly Inserts Plugs In His Plugs

February DVD Reviews
Alien Blood, Blue Crush, Donnie Darko, Salton Sea

2002, A Space Anomaly
Terry reflects on a year of adulterous, lying politicians, heavy metal, and creamy peanut butter

Is The Music Industry Toast?
It Tastes Great With JamBands... An Interview with Ben Colmery of

The Good, The Bad, & The Terry
Terry Explains Why After Watching So Many Great Films, He Still Has Such Bad Taste

Read The O'Reilly Emails - They're that much better because he never replies...

Empire of the Son
The Madness of Kings named George and the Pax Americana

New DVD Reviews
Everything Under The Supernova, from Bangkok Dangerous to Straw Dogs

70 Years of Reservoir Dogs*
Terry puts on the bib before reviewing the 10th Anniversary DVD Release More>

Now Available In Paperhack
Ian snuggles up with his 19" Dell to review some eBook software More>

*Dog Years, duh...

Music Reviews & Articles War Still Sucks
You don't have to be a Liberal to hate war - returning troops talk about the ugly realities of killing people and losing limbs

Planet of the Apes
Ian wants to shock your monkey with some thoughts on simian dystopia. More in our series on negative utopias in film and books

Music Reviews & Articles War Sucks
And Then Your Kids Pay For It

Music Reviews & ArticlesRust Never Sleeps
But It Didn't Seem Especially Alert In Seattle, did it?

Kula by Vlastimil Kula
Nothin's Kula than Terry's bookshelf... Published by Taschen Books

Yes, Terry Can Read
Oh wait, this is actually a picture book. Motel Fetish, from Taschen.

And He Gets Paid for It!
"The First Time I Got Paid For It..." A collection of essays by leading film and TV writers.

Assessing The Threat
Ian Looks Back at the Golden Years of Film Threat Magazine More>

The Birth of the Beat Generation
Terry hits the road, Jack Kerouac, and don't he come back no More>

Downloading Up
Uploading our Frustration with Downloading (Peter gabriel's "Up")

Is there an Echo in Here?
Ian reviews the book reviews, reviews the book reviews More> More>

A Digitally Bridged Divide
Or "How I learned to stop worrying, and shoot the film" More>

Who Owns Your Media?
That's a question that unfortunately seems to concern the people who buy CD's, DVD's and books a lot less than the people who produce and distribute them More>

I am not a critic (I am a human being) In "Film & Video", we explain how addictive drugs can be replaced with DVDs More>

Why Terry Loves His Sony
Some quick tech notes from Terry, and a review of "Final Cut Pro3 and the Art of Filmmaking" More>

3 Rings are Better than One
But three DVD releases from New Line will rule our pocket books...More>

Geraldo Kills O'Reilly With Friendly Fire
Why we're turning off our TV and seeing if we can still read More>

Cheap Hotels (A Taschen Book)
Terry reads a book about hotel rooms he can't afford More>


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