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Home » Archives » September 2006 » If You Don't Have A Job, How Can You Buy My Stuff?

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09/16/2006:"If You Don't Have A Job, How Can You Buy My Stuff?"

Outsource the CEO T-Shirt on Cafepress

I expect strange new developments in business in Michigan. If all the Ford autoworkers get laid off (or bought out, as they call it these days) bumper sticker and t-shirt sales will go up (in the seventies, it was "Will the last person out of Michigan please turn off the lights"), but no-one will own a car to put their bumper sticker on. This t-shirt on Cafepress kind of sums it up.

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On Monday, September 18th, terry Osterhout Said:

This is brilliant! Ian, I love what you have been doing with the site lately. I honestly feel like you have one of the best wits online. These shirts are great!