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Home » Archives » September 2006 » How to Act Like a Pirate

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09/19/2006:"How to Act Like a Pirate"

JollyRoger (8k image)First, get an eyepatch. Even if you don't talk like a pirate, it's an interesting conversation piece, and will help you feel evil while you do the rest of this stuff. Next, download a Bit Torrent program if you don't have one, and go to one of these sites: BTjunkie, Bitenova, Bushtorrents,,,, Meganova , Novatorrents,,, Torrent Portal, Torrent Valley,,,,,, Then, enter a search term like "Windows Vista" or "Adobe Creative Suite". If you're lucky, it won't be a password-protected file. Only really evil pirates make it as annoying to use the pirate version as it is to use the original. Now, go use your free illegal software for business purposes, just like Microsoft does.

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