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Home » Archives » September 2006 » US Government Hosting Porn Sites

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09/12/2006:"US Government Hosting Porn Sites"

You may have heard about Cathy Carlson, the woman from California whose trademark application for the phrase "you cum like a girl" was refused, and how Patent and Trademark Office attorney Patrick Shanahan sent her ten megabytes of porn (Smoking Gun link to blurred images) to prove his point. But if you've seen that link, did you know it was the Smoking Gun that blurred the images? The government is hosting the original unedited images (that last link is DEFINITELY NOT safe for work).


A couple of people have said that the USPTO link above doesn't work. Here's how to get the file from our labyrinthian government servers: From the USPTO home page, select "View Full Files" under trademarks in the left menu. Run a search for Serial Number 78682282. When the contents of the file come up, mark the checkbox next to the document marked 12-Jul-2006 - Offc Action Outgoing. Click "Start download". Phew. A lot of work for 10 megs of porn....

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On Tuesday, September 12th, Dick Said:

i'll just go look at regular pRoN sites, thank you very much razz