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03/18/2007: Who Needs MySpace When All Your Friends Have Web Sites?
03/16/2007: Are You Staring At My Crotch?
03/15/2007: B-U-Swastika-H
03/14/2007: GooTube Suit Gives Joost A Boost
03/03/2007: Living on the Dark Side of the Moon
03/02/2007: Fauxhemian Rhapsody
03/01/2007: If I Had The Money, I'd Buy One. If It Existed.
02/28/2007: How To Invade Boston With Mere Breadcrumbs
02/25/2007: Can't We Just Delete It?
02/24/2007: Wow...
02/21/2007: Fearmongering For Fun & Profit
02/20/2007: More Technology We Might Not Need...
02/19/2007: Lucifer, you got some 'splainin' to do...
02/18/2007: Post Historic Retro Futures
02/17/2007: How To Invade Boston For Under $200.00
02/16/2007: What Would A Ninja Do?
02/15/2007: We Have All Bean Here Before
02/14/2007: Gimme Some Sugar Baby
02/13/2007: Real Tiny Cities, Tiny Real Cities
02/12/2007: Oscar Wieners
02/11/2007: And Next You're Gonna Tell Me There's a Pill For Impotence
02/10/2007: Getting Joost Up
02/09/2007: Donald Rumsfeld's Press Conference Skills
02/08/2007: Upwardly Mobile Homes
02/07/2007: When I Was A Kid They Were Shaped Like Horseys...
02/06/2007: Turner's Marketing Strategy is Da Bomb
02/05/2007: For All Our Boston Readers, Part II
02/04/2007: For All Our Boston Readers
02/03/2007: Where's Johnny Cochran When You Need Him?
02/02/2007: I Feel Like I've Posted This Before
02/01/2007: Hasbro Releases Do-It-Yourself Terror Kit
01/31/2007: Quit Monkeyin' Around
01/30/2007: Hasta la Vista, Windows?
01/29/2007: V.I.S.T.A. - The Perfect Acronym?
01/28/2007: Who Needs 300 Channels of Cable TV?
01/27/2007: Gay? Going To Church Today? Just Remember: God Hates You
01/26/2007: Bacon & Orgs
01/25/2007: His Parents HAD To Name Him Dick
01/24/2007: Why Did His Parents Name Him Bill...
01/23/2007: Bush: Better On A Sound Board Than On The Soapbox
01/22/2007: Arghh Matey! YOU WILL SEE SUCH PRETTY THINGS!
01/21/2007: Before You Try "Second Life"...
01/19/2007: World's First Smellphone
01/18/2007: The Devil Dials Prada
01/17/2007: Evolutionarily Distinct & Globally Endangered
01/16/2007: How'd You Like It If I Rearrange Your Face?
01/15/2007: OMFG OJ, YU FU MLK DAY?
01/14/2007: Bride of FrankenPhone
01/13/2007: Apple Phone? We Gotcher Apple Phone...
01/12/2007: Certainty. For when it's preferable to think you know more...
01/11/2007: All Play & No Work
01/10/2007: Would You Like To Touch My Helper Monkey?
01/09/2007: iScream, YouScream, We AllMoan For iPhone...
01/08/2007: On The Beach A Push, To Impeach The Bush
01/07/2007: I'd Love To Engage In Boreplay, But I've Taken A Vow Of Smellibacy
01/06/2007: N'aimez Plus MoiSpace?
01/05/2007: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Decline of Western Civilization
01/04/2007: Green With ENVy
01/03/2007: Start Here
01/02/2007: I'm talking at you, not with you
01/01/2007: Best Video of 2007
12/31/2006: What Do YOU Think?
12/31/2006: The Obligatory List of 2006 Lists
12/30/2006: Happy Flu Year
12/26/2006: Best and Worst of the Best and Worst Lists, Part I
12/25/2006: James Brown Lives!
12/25/2006: Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas
12/24/2006: Yule Never Believe This...
12/23/2006: A Festive Feeling, An Aluminum Pole...
12/22/2006: If You Want Something Done Right...
12/21/2006: Give a Man a Fish, and He'll Eat for a Day, Give a Manatee...
12/20/2006: Holy Prepuce Batman, Pornaments Are Ruining Christmas!
12/19/2006: What CAN'T You Stick In Your USB Port?
12/18/2006: Wanna Fight? I Don't Think You Have The (Snow)Balls...
12/17/2006: Merry ChristMax
12/16/2006: Chappy Chanukkah
12/15/2006: How 'bout I
12/14/2006: TheirSpace, Not MySpace
12/13/2006: Any Port In A Storm
12/12/2006: Oedipus Wreck -or- Why I'm Never Using MySpace Again
12/11/2006: Don't Be A Who-Hatin' Scrooge
12/10/2006: Lawrence of Antarctica
12/09/2006: Tough Times For Santa
12/08/2006: But Does It Come With A Linus Blanky?
12/07/2006: Santastic Mashups
12/06/2006: Mind If I Smoke?
12/05/2006: Merry Christmas! HoHo.....GAAAHHHH!
12/04/2006: That Actually Would Be A Coup....
12/03/2006: Before You Dig Out Those Christmas CD's...
12/02/2006: Shadow Art Fair
12/01/2006: Why Google When You Can Ogle?
11/30/2006: See Al Run! Run Al Run!
11/29/2006: A Letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
11/28/2006: It's Not Civil, And It's Not War
11/21/2006: Griffin Mill Did It
11/20/2006: If I Did It, Why'd You Acquit It?
11/19/2006: Do You Feel A Draft?
11/18/2006: What Do Bruce Lee & Paris Hilton Have In Common?
11/16/2006: There's No Turning Back Now...
11/15/2006: There's A Party On My Planet, And I Want You All To Come
11/14/2006: Personal Jesus
11/13/2006: Nobody Here
11/12/2006: Climbing the Walls
11/10/2006: Garden-Gays Dot Com
11/09/2006: Nice Day for a, White Wedding Christmas
11/08/2006: Don't Put That Chubby Bunny In Your Mouth...
11/07/2006: Yeah, I Voted Today....
11/06/2006: This Land is Your Land...
11/05/2006: It's Not October, and it's Not Surprising...
11/04/2006: Unbeatable Airfares
11/03/2006: Presidential Speeches, Technorati Style
11/02/2006: Give a Man Fish, and He'll Eat for a Day...
11/01/2006: October Surprise? I Got Your October Surprise...
10/31/2006: Scariest Costume Contest 2006
10/30/2006: Best Halloween Costume I've Seen Yet
10/28/2006: BooHoo Tube
10/27/2006: Discover Your Inner Pole Dancer
10/25/2006: So Sue Me. And me. And me. And me.
10/24/2006: Who Flung Poo?
10/23/2006: Gettin' Outa Dodge. WAY Outa Dodge...
10/22/2006: Bollywood Voguing With Mini-Michael
10/21/2006: Helping Old Ladies Across the Info Highway
10/20/2006: End of the World Week Wrap-up
10/19/2006: Olbermann's Much More Articulate
10/18/2006: Cylons In The White House
10/17/2006: Who Needs Google...
10/16/2006: MySpace Threatens National Security
10/13/2006: Are You Paraskevidekatriaphobic?
10/12/2006: Is There Life After MySpace?
10/11/2006: Feeling a Little Horse Hoarse
10/10/2006: Get Your GooTube Outa My SoapBox
10/09/2006: Are You A Tool?
10/08/2006: The Perfect Woman...
10/07/2006: Put Some Goo In Your Tube
10/06/2006: Old Enough to Know Better, But Too Young To DieSpace
10/05/2006: Cooler Than My GAF Viewmaster
10/04/2006: A Hundred Pages To Get Through Before Lunch
10/03/2006: Still Thinking Pink
10/02/2006: It's Enough To Make You Pull Your Hair Out...
10/01/2006: What's Hot On The Outside & Pink On The Inside?
09/30/2006: I'll Adopt Yours If You Eat Mine
09/29/2006: Tell The Invisible Man I Can't See Him Today...
09/28/2006: Okay Son. Put Down The Bong, And Step Away From The Oven...
09/27/2006: Mickey Mouse Copyright Laws
09/26/2006: As If AT&T Wasn't Creepy Enough Already....
09/25/2006: Tell The Invisible Man I Can't See Sue Him Today
09/24/2006: Salvador Dali Lama is a MySpace Junkie
09/23/2006: Non Smokers Are So Cute
09/22/2006: Put A Bottle Rocket In Your Butt
09/21/2006: Can LonelyBoy Put MyTube in YourSpace?
09/20/2006: Look At My Big Fat Tube
09/19/2006: How to Act Like a Pirate
09/18/2006: SueTube and MyCase
09/17/2006: Echopraxia's Going To Hell
09/16/2006: If You Don't Have A Job, How Can You Buy My Stuff?
09/15/2006: Bruce Lee's Gonna Kick Your Ass...
09/14/2006: You're a Genius
09/13/2006: You May Already Be A Wiener
09/12/2006: US Government Hosting Porn Sites
09/11/2006: Things Are Good
09/10/2006: I'm Running Away to Join the Circus...
09/09/2006: The Copyfight Continues (EMI Shivers Yer Timbers. Arggh!)
09/08/2006: Sia Later
09/07/2006: A Good Ass Chewing
09/06/2006: A Bridge to World Peace
09/05/2006: Have You Driven a Ford Lately?
09/04/2006: Crikey! Poopy!
09/03/2006: Awww, toe tute!
09/02/2006: Is That A Bomb In Your Pants?
Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

09/01/2006: That's MyTube, Not YourTube
08/31/2006: What MySpace Is Having For Lunch
08/30/2006: When Will Al Gore Invent YouTube?
08/29/2006: Who needs oil, anyway?
08/28/2006: Ann Arbor Without Coffee
08/27/2006: My Wet Stuff Is Coming
08/26/2006: That's YourSpace, Not MySpace...
03/20/2006: hijacked
03/09/2006: Hi, My Name's Emo Cutter
03/01/2006: Monty Python Revival in Iran?
02/27/2006: Who'll Star in George Bush's Bio Now?
02/22/2006: Products We Might Not Need
02/17/2006: And now a word from.......
02/16/2006: Finally, Silence from the 18-30 Group...
02/15/2006: And now a word from our sponsors
02/15/2006: The Next Big Thing
02/14/2006: Would "Love Thy Brother" Be Incest?
02/12/2006: Dick is a Killer
02/06/2006: Super Bowl Monday Moaning
02/04/2006: wHy oFFiSeR sMiTh KaNt sPeLL
02/02/2006: Thinking Outside The Bubble, Part II
01/28/2006: HA HA HA America
01/27/2006: Ben Affleck & Bruce Willis Better Get To Work
01/25/2006: Plugging Your A-Hole
01/24/2006: It's Terry's Birthday, and All He Got Was This Lousy Post
01/23/2006: The Futurliner Is Now...
01/19/2006: Thinking Outside The Bubble
01/15/2006: 2006, year of the "glowing donkey balls hats!"
01/04/2006: As Long As They Don't Get Married...
01/03/2006: Got The Shakes?
01/03/2006: Moby is a Conehead
01/01/2006: Eerie New Government Spy Device
12/27/2005: Things To Look Forward To in 2006
12/24/2005: What Do YOU Want For Christmas?
12/23/2005: OLDBOY
12/23/2005: Sicky New Year or All I got for Christmas was this "puppet president."
12/22/2005: You Can Tap My Phone, Just Don't Beat Me...
12/19/2005: What are you so mad about?
12/18/2005: Return of the Outrage
12/18/2005: Black Box. Black Out. Die Bold.
08/15/2005: One Extra-Large Sycophant, Hold the Imperialist Beast
08/14/2005: Chris Walken 2008
08/11/2005: You Smell Something Funny?
08/10/2005: Blush Up You Engrish
08/09/2005: More Productivity Inhibitors
08/08/2005: Anti-Productivity Tools
08/07/2005: Puppy Uppers, Doggy Downers...
08/05/2005: Bob Novak, Rove-ing Reporter
08/04/2005: Sock the Monkey
08/03/2005: But Can They Find Bin Laden?
08/02/2005: What Flavour Are Brown Jelly-Bellies?
08/01/2005: Coming Soon:
07/31/2005: Can Sean Hannity Save Us From Ultra-Liberal Extremists?
07/29/2005: Blogging Still Dead. The Next Big Thing: Cootie Catchers
07/28/2005: Mommy, What's a "Turd Blossom"?
07/27/2005: Guns don't kill people, filesharing does...
07/26/2005: No Sudden Stops For Space Shuttle
07/17/2005: You Must Be a Republican...
06/27/2005: Just Another Manic Monday
06/20/2005: Busier Than Bill O'Reilly's Damage Control Team
06/09/2005: "Sorry. I've been really busy...."
06/03/2005: Bonsai Potato? Gesundheit!
06/02/2005: Jumping the Shark Jumps the Shark
05/28/2005: David Lynch's Weather Report
05/26/2005: But Will It Work For Five Bucks An Hour?
05/24/2005: Death Penalty Okay In This Case
05/19/2005: May The Farce Be With You, Cuke Skywalker
05/18/2005: Galloway Rips Congress A New One
05/17/2005: Who Makes Movies? Fluffers Make Movies.
05/16/2005: Can We Godwin Our Own Blog?
05/14/2005: Microsoft Stealing Kids' Thoughts
05/12/2005: Paranoia: 100 Freedom: O
05/10/2005: Senate To Vote On REAL I.D. Today
05/09/2005: SLOW DOWN! I'm Getting Dizzy...
05/06/2005: Can I Wear A Tin Foil Hat For My National I.D. Photo?
05/04/2005: Anybody Feel A Draft?
05/03/2005: Big Brother's Ad Agency
04/29/2005: GW Bush Rocks! (And Raps A Little Too...)
04/29/2005: We Repeat: Americans Still A Bit Jumpy After 9/11
04/26/2005: Americans Still A Bit Jumpy After 9/11
04/26/2005: Hurricanes, Corruption, Rape, Nuclear Options, and Tom's DeLaying
04/25/2005: Piggly Porkly Wiggly
04/22/2005: Oil Prices Getting You Down? Go Price Some Bottled Water...
04/20/2005: Cold Dead Hands? Puh. Step Aside, Mr. Heston....
04/18/2005: Macrobe? Adobamedia? Flashrobat?
04/15/2005: All Writes Reversed
04/14/2005: Grammar 101: "I am not Rick James' Bitch"
04/13/2005: I Just Robbed A Grocery Store...
04/12/2005: Just Put It On My Tab...
04/08/2005: Shakeskin Not Blurred
04/05/2005: Ogled By Google - G-Mail Replaces G-Men
04/03/2005: Eating Chinese
04/01/2005: April Fools Awards
03/29/2005: Tuesday May Be Soylent Green Day...
03/28/2005: Terri Schiavo's Blog
03/27/2005: Happy Esther
03/26/2005: War Is Cute
03/24/2005: Stop Calling Me A Queer, You Crypto-Nazi
03/23/2005: It Also Makes PERFECT Espresso!
03/22/2005: Strip Search
03/21/2005: My, That's a Frivolous Suit You Have On
03/18/2005: Mommy, What's A Hump Day?
03/17/2005: Oil's Well That Ends Well
03/15/2005: Film on the Web: We Can't Strand It
03/12/2005: No Really. Waffa The Fatwa?
03/11/2005: What The Fatwa?
03/10/2005: Buzz F***ing Bunny Update
03/09/2005: The Week's Hot Read & The Death of the U.N.
03/03/2005: Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists
03/02/2005: You want HOW MUCH for a gram of WHAT?
03/01/2005: End of the World Rescheduled
02/25/2005: Never mind, you can click. And hide too...
02/23/2005: Sex is for Fags
02/21/2005: Jumping the (Great White) Shark (Hunt)
02/18/2005: Killing Bunnies For Fun & Profit
02/16/2005: The Best Movie You Never Saw
02/14/2005: You Can Sue, But You Can't Catch Everyone
02/14/2005: Does He Know She's Black Too?
02/12/2005: I've Got Big Problems
02/11/2005: Gunnin' For Gannon
02/10/2005: Miss Ronald McDonald, Nude
02/09/2005: Farewell
02/09/2005: Repornicans
02/08/2005: Can The Left Get It Right?
02/06/2005: Bloggin is not Dead!
02/05/2005: How We Know Blogging Is Dead (My Final Post)
02/02/2005: Oiling The Wheels Of War
01/28/2005: Pump Up The Product: $elling Civility to Sell Phones
01/27/2005: Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth of the New Human
01/24/2005: Is Tucker Carlson The Next Rush Limbaugh?
01/23/2005: Bush's message of hope to America
01/22/2005: Perversion for Profit (Part I)
01/21/2005: Turn Your Weltschmerz Into Schadenfreude
01/12/2005: Democrats Have Balls Too (Just Not Inaugural Ones)
01/08/2005: "Covert Propaganda" is my middle name, Baby!
01/07/2005: The best support money can buy!
01/07/2005: Out with the Bad, in with the Good


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