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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Put A Bottle Rocket In Your Butt

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09/22/2006:"Put A Bottle Rocket In Your Butt"

And put the video on YouTube (that link requires a user log-in). I've been spending WAY too much time on "social networking" sites doing informal marketing research lately, and have found that Bruce Sterling was right in his now-dated book Islands in the Net when he said "The Net was a lot like television, another former wonder of the age. The Net was a vast glass mirror. It reflected what it was shown. Mostly human banality." Anchored by a frightening abundance of concept-of-reality-impaired teenage girls and boys, the vast majority of what you see on YouTube can be just as boring as being a part of that person's life. You also see a lot of "copycatting", like "I took a pic of myself every [insert time unit] for X [insert time unit(s)]" or variations on the"Numa Numa Guy"or "Isn't my cat cute" kind of stuff. I found this user's profile especially telling - User: [deleted out of courtesy] Age: 18 Country: US Channel Views: 44,177 Video Views: 5,137 Member Since: 2 months ago Videos Watched: 5,137...

And they wonder what's wrong with today's youth. Puh.