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Fair & Balanced Copyfighting
Arming both sides of the copyfight
Learn More Here

We've always believed in Fair and Balanced™ "reporting" here at Echopraxia, so for your and our amusement, we're creating a series of images and CafePress products that present the views of both sides of the copyfight, with a little humor and commentary. We like to think even the individual images are ambiguous enough that you won't know which side you're supporting...

All of these images link to a pertinent Cafe Press shop page:

CopyReich T-Shirt:

Copyfight T-Shirt

CopyReich Mug:


Creative Commies T-Shirt:

Creative Commies

Creative Commies Mug:

Creative Commies

File Sharing = Communism Shirts:

p2p equals communism

P2P = CCCP Shirts

Copyfight Image - Filesharing is for commies

File Sharing = Communism Mug:



More Coming Soon



Last Update: April 22, 2005

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