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Home » Archives » October 2006 » What's Hot On The Outside & Pink On The Inside?

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10/01/2006:"What's Hot On The Outside & Pink On The Inside?"

Pink George Foreman Grill (23k image)A hamburger that spent too little time in a Pink George Foreman Grill? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Want to help? America loves to cash in on the misery of others, so choose your means of support carefully. Panera Pink Ribbon Bagels™ may be good for the cause, but give YOU cancer later. Maybe you'd like to time your Pink Kitchen Aid Mixer activities with a Cheap Pink Watch while you listen to a Pink CD. What? Pink's not supporting breast cancer awareness? But her name's Pink, and she has, um...breasts. Oh well. Maybe next year, Pink. Anyway, before you get all pink on it this month, you might want to visit Think Before You Pink, or other sensible sites like the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or the American Cancer Society.