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Home » Archives » October 2006 » Is There Life After MySpace?

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10/12/2006:"Is There Life After MySpace?"

mydeathspace (11k image)
Call me cynical, but I honestly believe that a lot of the things that are wrong with America are the result of the first generation that grew up eating McDonald's and playing on padded playgrounds while wearing bicycle helmets reaching adulthood. That being said, I was shocked to wake the other morning with a sudden lack of interest in my MySpace account. Sort of like the sudden lack of interest one has in drinking when one wakes up with a hangover. I wondered to myself: "Is There Life After MySpace?" Apparently there's at least death after MySpace, and interestingly, some young people are starting to look offline for friends. I love this quote from an Iowa State student. It's almost existential in tone: "The superficial emptiness clouded the excitement I had once felt....It seems we have lost, to some degree, that special depth that true friendship entails."