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Home » Archives » October 2006 » Cooler Than My GAF Viewmaster

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10/05/2006:"Cooler Than My GAF Viewmaster"

Eiffel Tower HDR (8k image)It's been quite a long time since I've seen a new image style that made me say "wow", rather than thinking "oh, isn't that cute new eye candy". Other than when I got my first GAF ViewMaster as a kid, the last time something really absorbed my attention was in the 1980's, when various genres of Hyperrealism were gaining exposure in pop media. Especially artists like Hajime Sorayama. of Japan. High Dynamic Range Imaging has really caught my eye though. Although some photographers carry it too far, so it really just looks like CGI or other typical effects, when used cleverly, it actually just looks "real", but slightly disturbing, because it looks more like what your eyes would capture than what a camera would capture.