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Home » Archives » October 2006 » MySpace Threatens National Security

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10/16/2006:"MySpace Threatens National Security"

Julia Wilson (7k image)

With the amount of money already being spent on keeping America safe, I wonder if it's a prudent use of financial resources to send out secret service agents to investigate every 14 year old that scrawls "Kill Bush" on their MySpace page. This kid is my new hero for the week. I hope her experience inspires her rather than beating her down.

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On Wednesday, October 18th, FoleyIsADem Said:

Julia Wilson is the epitome of the mentally unstable and hazardously wild stereotype that encompasses ALL leftards from all walks of life: they're always so audaciously bold and threatening, yet when they're taken to task, they start $hitting their pants and crying like the little pu$$ies they are! I was happy to read that the Secret Service agents made her cry with their federally authorized and by-the-book line of questioning!