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Home » Archives » October 2006 » Old Enough to Know Better, But Too Young To DieSpace

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10/06/2006:"Old Enough to Know Better, But Too Young To DieSpace"

echopraxia_online (3k image)
Thank God. I may be an addict, but at least I'm acting my age. The media research company comScore has released figures showing that more than half of MySpace users are over 35. I was starting to feel kind of stupid spending an hour a day there, and I'm too young for other social networking sites like .So dude, like, check out my PROFILE. I only have, like, 10 friends...

Replies: 3 Comments

On Friday, October 6th, Jane Boyle Said:

inspires me to fill in the skeleton of my blog without feeling too goofy.

On Friday, October 6th, Bogner Said:

Do whatever you want and try to be real. What are feelings any way

On Monday, October 9th, John Roos Said:

My space is great for those on liners but for something informal and in person come to the Roos Roast Coffee class and get wired and go back and let loose on my space. It's Sunday October 22nd at 9:30 Am and you will not be dissapointed go to for more information
Happy self indulging
And Thank You Echopraxia wink