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Home » Archives » December 2006 » Yule Never Believe This...

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12/24/2006:"Yule Never Believe This..."

xmas_booty (12k image) Just want to wish all of you who celebrate Christmas a nice one. Hope you get everything you want, both spiritually and materially. For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, give me a call. Maybe we can go out for Thai or something. The last Christmas I really enjoyed was the one in the picture on the left, where I got to wear my Army shirt without some Liberal Elitist yelling at me, and the pile of presents was bigger than me! Me, I just wish Jesus would come back if he's gonna. Dude, most of us stop making a big deal out of our birthdays when we're like thirty, and we've celebrated yours for two millenia...maybe if you came back all these crazies that run things would step off the mat for awhile! Anyway, not belittling anyone's faith. At least not any more than I belittle my own. There's room for a little Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Fakir, Wiccan, Sub-Genius, and just about everything else in my heart. Including greedy capitalist. Here's my Amazon Wishlist from 2004. I just added a MacBook and a couple digital SLRs. Show me the love.