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Home » Archives » December 2006 » Don't Be A Who-Hatin' Scrooge

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12/11/2006:"Don't Be A Who-Hatin' Scrooge"

Just in case you're feeling a bit Grinchy or Dickensian this year, I've got more incredibly negative holiday links for you. Check out this redubbed ending for the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Would've been more fun if the guy had actually tried to sound a bit more like Linus, but oh well. He does a pretty good job of pointing out what an idiot Charlie Brown was, and summing up the angst of a generation. More dubbed Christmas specials here. And a special treat for those of you who find yourself propelled into a paralyzing depression by the whole Charlie Brown christmas thing: here's Christmas Time Is Here (2.6MB, mp3), the creepy kid's song they use in the special (thanks Pamela, for reminding me of how just how creepy it actually is).