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Home » Archives » December 2006 » Oedipus Wreck -or- Why I'm Never Using MySpace Again

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12/12/2006:"Oedipus Wreck -or- Why I'm Never Using MySpace Again"

anne_atkins150 (6k image) Dude. You know that hot chick you met on MySpace? IT'S YER MOM! Seems Anne Atkins of Oxford thought it would somehow be a good idea to connect with her son Ben "TheMightyWidge" Atkins on Bebo, posing as a 17 year old named Lucy "Cheshakitten" Haliday. YIKES. To add insult to injury, she wrote about it for the Daily Mail and now all his mates are posting comments on his mom's fake page like: Tom "T0M-180" Bingham, who says: "haha I just read your article while duin a shit and made me larf you son is gullablllllllllle! Anyway if ya wana deleate dis comment rememba 2 pres da delete button!" I wonder if the trauma Ben has experienced is in any way connected with the recent Ipswich "Ripper" style murders? To his credit, Ben appears to be keeping his head; a recent post reads "Mumsie dearest, do you think you could please stop using bebo now. You don't have an excuse any more and it's just a tad disturbing. Ben"

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