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12/15/2006:"How 'bout I"

cantbuymelove (11k image)
Remember that kid you knew in grade school who had an imaginary friend? Well I think he got his imaginary friend a job. Check out In their words: "FakeYourSpace is an exciting new service that enables normal everyday people like me and you to have Hot friends on popular social networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook." Wow. I can finally have some HAWT friends. Sign me up. On the other hand, if you have TOO MANY friends, try, where, as they point out: "Other break up services out there are charging around $50.00 to do what we do for $.99. At this price you most likely can even afford to break up with multiple people!" Just click the button.

Replies: 4 Comments

On Saturday, December 16th, Jkid Said:

Is that site real?

On Saturday, December 16th, Ian Said:

Why, is your friends list that lame?

On Saturday, December 16th, Jkid Said:

No, but I think I saw your mom on there.

On Saturday, December 16th, Ian Said:

Jkid, my mom's dead. By the way, am I talking to a spambot? Or or you a real person? Didn't mean to start off on a bad note. Let's be friends...on myspace! To answer your question though, if it IS real, they forgot some code. Their "add to cart" buttons don't work, although there's a lot of typical paypal code in their pages.