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Home » Archives » December 2006 » Before You Dig Out Those Christmas CD's...

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12/03/2006:"Before You Dig Out Those Christmas CD's..."

If I didn't live in dreary Ann Arbor, Michigan, I'd have to move to dreary Portland, Oregon. At least they churn out some decent bands (er, nothing personal Ann Arbor people...I just don't see any of you distributing your stuff much farther than the local bars). Anyway, after a few weeks of listening to Pinback, the past week I've been listening to the Decemberists (thanks Eric & Jeremy). If you haven't checked them out, get on it. In spite of constant suggestions that they're some kind of alterno-folk band, nothing could be farther from the truth in my opinion. I won't try to classify them, but for a band that met in a Turkish bath, drink only Orangina, and travel exclusively via Dr. Herring's Brand® Dirigible Balloons, the Decemberists are pretty hip. Hip enough to incur Stephen Colbert's wrath, anyway. Colbert accused them of ripping off his greenscreen challenge (YouTube clip HERE) and proceeded to challenge viewers to edit him into THEIR greenscreen challenge, adding "see how well they perform their trademark brand of hyper-literate prog rock when I'm slicing off their legs at the knee!"