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Home » Archives » December 2006 » Mind If I Smoke?

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12/06/2006:"Mind If I Smoke?"

No, mind if I fart? About ten years ago I joked with a friend that anti-drug commercials should be funny, not preachy. We envisioned a kid saying things like "I don't want your crack. Your crack stinks!" At the time the idea seemed over-the-top. The Ad Council's Don't Pass Gas campaign is the first thing I've seen in the way of PSA's that might kind of work. Or maybe not. Anyway, "passing gas" may not be funny, whether in a car or at dinner. But farts are ALWAYS funny. Especially when preachers fart. Have I provided enough fart linkage here? No? Then make your own fart, or get all academic and learn about farts from Wikipedia.