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Home » Archives » February 2005 » Gunnin' For Gannon

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02/11/2005:"Gunnin' For Gannon"

It's more than a little annoying (as Terry pointed out here) when we learn about how any administration is manipulating the media. But it's even more annoying to know that a goofy but respected old geezer like Dan Rather (get your "Ratherisms" here) is skewered for an honest mistake, while a guy who:

1.) Lies about his background 2.) Gets a White House press pass 3.) Is privy to C.I.A. documents that ruin a woman's career (and endanger her life) And 4.) Seems to own domains like "", "", and "";

gets softballs like this from CNN, or this from the NYT, while blogs like MediaCitizen are digging up stuff like this. The only major news site I've found that's giving it thorough coverage is the Washington Post. Anybody seen more on this?

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On Friday, February 11th, Terry Said:

George W Bush and Karl Rove could slaughter babies on live television and the American public wouldn't even bother to wipe the drool or blank expressions off their collective inbred faces. Meanwhile North Korea is doing everything short of launching a f*cking nuclear weapon at us and the administration barely responds. On top of this, another memo has surfaced indicating that Bush and company ignored the inevitable threat of 9/11.