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01/07/2005:"The best support money can buy!"

Below is a link to how the Bush administration basically bribed someone to promote "No Child Left Behind" and 2 others showing how things aren't as rosy as some would have us believe. I don't have to waste any more energy complaining about this administration because they are doing all of the work for us. I am 100% behind the Bush administration and their plans to turn America into a PG rated, medicated-brain dead, zombified & Orwellian society because the inevitable backlash might wake America up. Listen up people, peace can only be achieved when we learn how to respect each other and mind our own business. The 2 party system doesn't work in America. Corporations are abusing the system and the poor and ignorant are paying a hefty price. Let us abandon the system that has failed us and meet in the middle for a new era of tolerance, understanding and hard work. The government is supposed to help people and serve it's citizens, but that has ceased. It is time for some accountability and truth. Common sense has left the political spectrum. The system is obviously corrupt. Watch the next four years show us some of the most blantant attempts at ripping us off, and overturning our freedoms and rights under the guise of protecting us. Let us give George W Bush the room and respect to prove us wrong and build a stronger, safer more ecologically sound world. My bet is in the other direction, but I pray I am wrong. Keep your eyes on this site for some interesting growth. Peace!

The Links:

White House paid commentator to promote law

December Job Gains Are Less Than Expected

Bush's Approval Rating Falls in AP Poll

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