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Friday, January 28th

Pump Up The Product: $elling Civility to Sell Phones

Best Buy and Nokia are doing one of the cleverest viral marketing campaigns since Lee Jeans' "" ( cache). The fake movie trailer for "Pump Up the Movie" brings that ephemeral 90's prefix "meta" to a new level. You think it's an ad for a movie then you realize it's a PSA about turning off your cell phone in the theater, but no,'s actually an ad for Nokia and Best Buy. The sort of person who leaves their cell phone on in theaters probably missed the part where it became apparent that it's a parody, and are calling their friend on their Nokia to tell them about the suh-weet new movie. And, let's be honest...does a Flash™ game where you throw a cheerleader around really teach anyone anything about courtesy? I don't know. But it's kind of fun. Point her head at the floor and pull the power WAAAYYYY back.)

Posted By: Ian on 01.28.05 @ 10:46 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, January 27th

Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth of the New Human

Parastone Studios in The Netherlands is offering three-dimensional representations of famous works of art. in their words: "With the greatest respect for the original works of art the designers of the Paratsone studios in The Netherlands have brought to live famous paintings by lifting images out of the flat surface."

The Hiėronymus Bosch is very cool; what knicknack shelf is really complete without a Headfooter? I also especially like Dali's Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth of the New Human. I think the M.C. Escher is a bit problematic though, for obvious reasons..

Posted By: Ian on 01.27.05 @ 08:36 AM EDT [link]

Monday, January 24th

Is Tucker Carlson The Next Rush Limbaugh?

I didn't know our boy Tucker Carlson had a show on PBS...could this have anything to do with the fact his dad was President & CEO of the CPB in the 1990's? Does this mean our tax dollars keep him employed? Here's a quote from the web site of his PBS show, sharing his thoughts on the death penalty:

"I wholeheartedly support it. People who commit certain sorts of horrible crimes absolutely deserve to die, and it doesn't bother me a bit when they do."

"I guess", as CNN CEO Jonathan Klein put, "I come down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp" myself.

About that Bush post below, I'm sorry to say it looks like we're in for four more years of this crap.

Posted By: Ian on 01.24.05 @ 09:00 AM EDT [link]

Sunday, January 23rd

Bush's message of hope to America

This sums it all up!

Posted By: terry on 01.23.05 @ 10:07 AM EDT [link]

Saturday, January 22nd

Perversion for Profit (Part I)

Censorship? Civil liberties? The conservative moral right? I think maybe things are still better than they used to be. The Prelinger Archives have a jillion old PSA's and advertisments (for free) in various video formats. Next time you're freaking out about Tipper Gore or dithered cartoon butts, watch something like Perversion for Profit (Part I), and be thankful for the way things are today...

A friend tells me you pay more for the toll roads in Illinois if you don't have a government-issued transponder in your car. Scary. Can this be legal?

Posted By: Ian on 01.22.05 @ 10:33 AM EDT [link]

Friday, January 21st

Turn Your Weltschmerz Into Schadenfreude

Okay, enough Bush stuff for awhile, eh? There are much bigger fish to fry. For instance: SpongeBob Squarepants is making our kids queer, California's being attacked by Giant Squid, and Taschen's coming out with a new Kubrick Book...

Posted By: Ian on 01.21.05 @ 09:38 AM EDT [link]

Wednesday, January 12th

Democrats Have Balls Too (Just Not Inaugural Ones)

Looking for something to do January 20? Why not Turn
Your Back on Bush
? Or not
spend money
in protest? Those both sound pretty stupid to me, but if you
really want to protest, buy a few dozen eggs and visit the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
web site. They seem pretty on top of the CounterInaugural
scene. Oh yeah. Don't miss the CounterInaugural

Though living in America recently has felt a little like torture, I still don't
sanction it. If you don't like torture either, visit this
asking Alberto Gonzales to unequivocally renounce it.

Are your Democratic legislators looking more purple than blue? Howard
Dean is announcing
that he's seeking the DNC chairmanship. Go to the DNC
web site
and tell them what you think.

Posted By: Ian on 01.12.05 @ 07:38 AM EDT [link]

Saturday, January 8th

"Covert Propaganda" is my middle name, Baby!

Again, why doesn't anyone else in this country have a bigger problem with the ethics and practices of this administration? Every time one of these kinds of stories comes out, it is blamed on "the department" rather than an individual or group of individuals. I feel myself getting very angry again, angry and active.

Posted By: terry on 01.08.05 @ 11:13 AM EDT [link]

Friday, January 7th

The best support money can buy!

Below is a link to how the Bush administration basically bribed someone to promote "No Child Left Behind" and 2 others showing how things aren't as rosy as some would have us believe. I don't have to waste any more energy complaining about this administration because they are doing all of the work for us. I am 100% behind the Bush administration and their plans to turn America into a PG rated, medicated-brain dead, zombified & Orwellian society because the inevitable backlash might wake America up. Listen up people, peace can only be achieved when we learn how to respect each other and mind our own business. The 2 party system doesn't work in America. Corporations are abusing the system and the poor and ignorant are paying a hefty price. Let us abandon the system that has failed us and meet in the middle for a new era of tolerance, understanding and hard work. The government is supposed to help people and serve it's citizens, but that has ceased. It is time for some accountability and truth. Common sense has left the political spectrum. The system is obviously corrupt. Watch the next four years show us some of the most blantant attempts at ripping us off, and overturning our freedoms and rights under the guise of protecting us. Let us give George W Bush the room and respect to prove us wrong and build a stronger, safer more ecologically sound world. My bet is in the other direction, but I pray I am wrong. Keep your eyes on this site for some interesting growth. Peace!

The Links:

White House paid commentator to promote law

December Job Gains Are Less Than Expected

Bush's Approval Rating Falls in AP Poll

Posted By: terry on 01.07.05 @ 01:33 PM EDT [link]

Out with the Bad, in with the Good

Some great quotes of 2004:

"I would like to apologize for referring to George W. Bush as a 'deserter.' What I meant to say is that George W. Bush is a deserter, an election thief, a drunk driver, a WMD liar and a functional illiterate. And he poops his pants."
(Filmmaker Michael Moore)

"We used to say if a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun."
"The election is closer than Lassie and Timmy"
"I know that you'd rather walk through a furnace in a gasoline suit than consider the possibility that John Kerry would lose Ohio."
"This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex."
(Dan Rather)

Things I'd like to hear in 2005:
"There is peace in Iraq, and all over the world. We're dismantling the military and putting all that money into environmentally sound energy programs. Oh yeah...almost forgot: I'm turning over the presidency to the Dali Lama."
(George W. Bush)

"Yup Ian, you just banked another million. Better hurry though, or you'll miss that flight to Italy."
(My Accountant)

"Good morning darling."
(Isabella Rosellini, as I wake up in the morning)

Welcome to the new blog. Watch for more site changes this weekend...

Posted By: Ian on 01.07.05 @ 12:26 AM EDT [link]

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