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Home » Archives » February 2005 » Bloggin is not Dead!

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02/06/2005:"Bloggin is not Dead!"

crazy crying crazy hehe satisfied plain hehe crazy cool eh? angry, grr razz

Ian, how could you declare it dead when yours just get better and better? I have had a hard time blogging due to some weird error I kept getting but it seems fixed now, (like my kittens.) I will be better this week with further tales and adventures.

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On Tuesday, February 8th, Ian Said:

1.) Yes it is.
2.) 'cuz I'm the boss of me.
3.) Who broke your kittens?
4.) Can't wait.

Note: Maybe we should name the blog "reacharound" seems a little onanist lately, what with nobody commentin' 'n'all.

5.) Impressive smilie action.