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Home » Archives » February 2005 » Can The Left Get It Right?

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02/08/2005:"Can The Left Get It Right?"

I have a lot of hope that it can. Since the 2004 elections I've been doing a lot of research to find an organization that I think might have the sensibilites to bring back some of the American values and qualities that I cherish, like innovation and leadership by example, not domination. Thought I'd share some links for those who don't want to lose another election and have the world go down the tubes while Republicans trick us into arguments about abortion, same-sex marriage, and getting a decent education.

The Business Ethics Network, the Breakthrough Institute, The Institute for America’s Future and the Apollo Alliance are all pretty interesting starting points. These are well-organized, well-funded groups that seem to have a grasp on getting away from the liberal tendency to focus too much on small issues while losing national elections. I've posted part one of a piece here in which I'll follow up with more info as I learn more about getting involved.