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Home » Archives » February 2005 » Miss Ronald McDonald, Nude

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02/10/2005:"Miss Ronald McDonald, Nude"

Whoa Terry. That might've been one of those times you'd use the "extended entry" box when you post (See previous post). If you're not pulling our leg (like you are when you say all those nice things about Ian) BEST OF LUCK to you. I'm sure you'll shine whatever you do. I'll have to find someone equally pretty and witty to put on the about page.

That being said...

I hope this woman is getting paid to pose for these photos, because if she isn't, well, YIKES. Maybe it'll turn out to be a viral marketing campaign for some re-make of "A Clockwork Orange" or something (see bottom photo).

Replies: 2 Comments

On Thursday, February 10th, Billy Handsome Said:

smile smile That clown chick is wayyyyy hot, dude! I would so hit it! I am glad that queer Terry is leaving. If he were running America it would be a freakin circus. I can wirte a million times better too. How much does it pay? I'll take it. I got me a sweet tax return thanx to my main man, George. Ha Ha, in your face, pinkos.

On Friday, February 11th, Special Sauce Said:

shocked SLASHDOTTED! Any perves out there got a cache?