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Well folks, if anybody reads this, I have an announcement to make. I am taking an extended and possibly permanent break from my duties here at to make room for new blood and to give Ian some room to reshape things.

I just donít think I have anything to offer here anymore. Iím not sure I ever did. My views on politics and culture really donít help anyone and my voice is better served talking about movies, art and things I know. Iím not going to change the world with my stupid rants and since the elections I have stopped watching the news or thinking about the government. I donít want to be a mouth piece for any political party and I donít care about American politics.

I love America and I want it to be a free society where people respect each other. That is all I have to say. My views might even be too liberal for this site because I am pro-choice and all for gay marriage and agree that religion is an opiate for the masses, (but I can respect all religions and the right to practice them.)

I do think is the most interesting web site out there and I was happy to be a part of it. I felt like we mattered and I believe Ian will carry it on and ensure that it continues to be a vital source of information and commentaries. Ian is ten times more interesting than I am and will only get more interesting with age. Keep your eye on him because he is more talented than he even let on. (Ian is a musical genius, a web designer, a brilliant writer who many great novels brewing in him, and one of the smartest and nicest human beings on the planet.)

As for me, I have been sidetracked for too long. I have to get some movies made, work on personal goals and take care of my own family stuff for awhile. I am celebrating four wonderful years of sobriety next month and I need to stay focused on maintaining this and building a better life.

Anyone who wants to know what I am up to, can climb on over to, where I gush over genre movies and coffee table books, anime and video games, art, technology and music. I am no web designer, but it keeps me relaxed when things get stressful.

To those who have followed our Blog, I appreciate the devotion and interest. I hope my role here provided at least mild entertainment and I hope all who reads this has a happy, peaceful life.

February 9, 2005

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On Thursday, February 10th, Billy Handsome Said:

This is the best news sicne you clowns switched from Wes Clark to John Kerry. Sheesh, talk about flip floppers. Eatin it now, aren't ya. Ha ha.