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Home » Archives » February 2005 » I've Got Big Problems

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02/12/2005:"I've Got Big Problems"

So sometimes I think about this to put things in perspective:

If the sun were a beach ball about 2 feet in diameter...

Mercury would be a mustard seed 83 feet away.
Venus, a small pea at 155 feet.
Earth, a pea at 215 feet (about a small city block).
Mars, the head of a corsage pin at 328 feet.
Jupiter, a small orange at 1,120 feet (about 5 blocks).
Saturn, a lemon at 2,050 feet.
Uranus, a plum at 4,110 feet (just under a mile).
Neptune, a plum at 6,450 feet (just over a mile).
Pluto: a small bead - about half the diameter of a pea at 1.6 miles.
The nearest star, about 11,000 miles.
On this scale, people would be undetectable with a conventional microscope.

There's an amusing page here that gives you another way to look at this idea. Look in the upper left for links to the planets. If you're good with a mousewheel, you might be able to find the planets by scrolling.