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Home » Archives » April 2005 » Hurricanes, Corruption, Rape, Nuclear Options, and Tom's DeLaying

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04/26/2005:"Hurricanes, Corruption, Rape, Nuclear Options, and Tom's DeLaying"

And it's only Tuesday...

Seems the Bush/GOP syndicate isn't the ONLY corrupt government-related organization running amok in Florida. Apparently 30 of 133 inspectors or managers contracted by FEMA for the Hurricane Frances cleanup had criminal records, including one charged in Mississippi with the attempted rape of a Hurricane Ivan victim. Check out the link if only to see the mugshots in the sidebar.

Elswehere: Tom's still DeLaying, as politicians focus on one Nuclear Option, while ignoring another.

At least we're winning the PRETEND war on terror. You can even watch a pretend news cast (85MB, Bittorrent) about it all. According to the Department of Homeland Security web site, "an internal Virtual News Network (VNN) and news website will provide real-time reporting of the story like an actual TV network would".

Why didn't they have this kind of thing when I was a kid?