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Home » Archives » April 2005 » All Writes Reversed

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04/15/2005:" All Writes Reversed"

For those of you who can't read, but like to buy books anyway, check out: VidLit. After you've watched the entertaining web clip, you probably won't need to actually READ it. Better than Cliff Notes!

For those of you who like sharing music with your friends, check out: a lawyer. Looks like the RIAA is at it again, suing customers to protect their profits. Check out this cutting-edge insight from Cary Sherman, the only person pucker-faced enough to take the job of running the RIAA :

"I think digital distribution of music is just beginning, and it's going to get a whole lot larger than it is right now."

Wow. And someday these, how you say, cell phones will be quite popular too...

On the Copyfight front, I've been working on my own counterculturejamming. I don't even know what these graphics mean anymore, but I'm going to keep at it anyway.