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Home » Archives » April 2005 » Macrobe? Adobamedia? Flashrobat?

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04/18/2005:"Macrobe? Adobamedia? Flashrobat?"

Adobe acquires Macromedia? Excellent! Get Intel on the line! Now we'll need some new terabyte processors to render those pdf's that have Flash embedded in them!

Reminds me of another merger a few years back:
When I still waited tables, I once waited on a British couple who were having dinner with a German gentleman. Throughout the dinner the German fellow - who was in town on business with the recently merged Daimler/Chrysler - kept saying things about "Daimler this" and "Daimler that". Finally the British woman said: "I'm sorry, isn't the new company called 'Daimler Chrysler'?" to which the German fellow replied: "I'm afraid the 'Chrysler' is silent".

Farewell Dreamweaver. We enjoyed it while it lasted...