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Home » Archives » April 2005 » Oil Prices Getting You Down? Go Price Some Bottled Water...

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04/22/2005:"Oil Prices Getting You Down? Go Price Some Bottled Water..."

How appropriate for Earth Day. While President Bush touts his Clear Skies , people who actually know what they're talking about suggest global warming may actually exist, and we may in fact be running out of oil. And not just in the short term, which the president actually seems to care about.

Since driving a Prius marks you as a weepy treehugger, why doesn't someone take a look at the benefits of mass transit once in awhile?

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On Saturday, April 23rd, Klaus Said:

The benefits of mass transit do not benefit the current administration, nor any other for the forseeable future.
1. A nation of frightened consumers is the easiest to govern; therefore, these minions choose to stay at home and watch an avalanche of useless goods paraded before their over-medicated pupils, so they might dart forth higgedly-piggedly to the mall in their Gas-guzzling (yet so SAFE) SUV's to fill the maw of fear with antiseptic petroleum by-products as they consume yet more petroleum.
2. Mass transit would mean that these social isolates could conceivably communicate with one another as they safely return inebriated from their local taverns. Any good dictator knows that communication amongst the oppressed must be suppressed! What better way to do it than by keeping them in their bubbles (vehicles) then RAISING the price of petroleum so that they isolate themselves further by staying in and drinking in a twisted attemept to save funds for future fuel use?