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04/01/2005:"April Fools Awards"

Top-Ranking Fool: George Bush for selecting John Bolton as ambassador to the U.N.

First Runner Up: George Bush (ya know, fool me once...), for selecting Paul Wolfowitz to be the World Bank chief.

Tom DeLay: Craftiest all-around fool and hypocrite .

Kofi Annan: Special Award for rolling over and taking it to get the heat off his own lack of integrity.

Ooooh. I sound cynical today.

My April Fool prank: replacing files other sites have hotlinked to at echopraxia with different files.

On these sites, they linked to a Robert Blake image, but now have our comic:

My favorite is at

Scroll waaaaay down. The guy linked to an image of Ann Coulter cause he likes her, and now has an anti-Bush comic.

I'm going to go get a life now....