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Home » Archives » December 2005 » You Can Tap My Phone, Just Don't Beat Me...

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12/22/2005:"You Can Tap My Phone, Just Don't Beat Me..."

Well, we can still bomb the hell out of Iraq, but at least they can't stick needles in our eyes while they spy on us for another six months. I wasn't sure if the six month Patriot Act extension was really bad news until I saw the Bill Frist quote that said "I'm not going to let the Patriot Act die". Thank god we're still occupying Iraq, by the way. We'll NEVER get enough oil out of Alaska now.

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On Thursday, December 22nd, Terry Said:

If they have been spying on us, do you think they got mad because we weren't blogging enough? Aren't they bored of the Iraq war yet? It sure is great to be a crazy American! Look for my newest Blog entry tonight. (Ian smells like flowers!)

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