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Tuesday, December 27th

Things To Look Forward To in 2006

Convictions in the Enron scandal
Iraqus Interruptus (Pulling out of Iraq)
Fewer Repornicans in Congress

Lots of bad movie remakes and part II's

What are YOU looking forward to?

Posted By: Ian on 12.27.05 @ 08:48 AM EDT [link]

Saturday, December 24th

What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

Well, I'm actually glad to see that out of the fifty or so people I invited to say what they're mad about, only three people had a comment. Or maybe they were just too busy shopping. I'm not really celebrating Christmas this year, but if I had a few Christmas wishes, they would include:

An end to armed conflict:
People don't start wars, politicians do.
Less political correctness:
We're different, and we should appreciate the fact, not fear it.
A little less fear and anxiety amongst the citizenry:
America can be a pretty fun place, we need to relax and enjoy it.

If you're celebrating Christmas, no-one's ever bought me something from my Amazon Wishlist of three years ago. Have at it. But if you REALLY LOVE US, donate something to our European Vacation Fund
That's secret code for HOSTING BILL, which we're delinquent on right now...
What ever you do, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!

By the way, what do YOU want for Christmas? Feel free to add your wish below...

Posted By: Ian on 12.24.05 @ 07:42 AM EDT [link]

Friday, December 23rd


If anyone wants to have a morbid holiday and watch a movie that will burn your brain, rent the Korean film Oldboy! What a brutal and beautifully painful movie! I've seen it and will watch it again, (maybe as a double feature with City of God or Sympathy for Mr. Vengance.)

That is all for today!

Posted By: terry on 12.23.05 @ 11:21 AM EDT [link]

Sicky New Year or All I got for Christmas was this "puppet president."

Wow! What a week. I got food poisoning and the flu in the same week! OK, Iíll try to muster some rage for a healthy rant. Being one of those recovering alcoholics, I am sailing on one of the only ways I get high these daysÖ couch syrup when Iím sick!

Yes, I am as good as gone.

Since I am an alcoholic, but have never gone through the steps, I thought it might make for an interesting piece to apologize to all of those I caused pain when I was a drunk and thought this might be a good place to do it!

Maybe soon I will do it, but not yet.

Posted By: terry on 12.23.05 @ 11:19 AM EDT [link]

Thursday, December 22nd

You Can Tap My Phone, Just Don't Beat Me...

Well, we can still bomb the hell out of Iraq, but at least they can't stick needles in our eyes while they spy on us for another six months. I wasn't sure if the six month Patriot Act extension was really bad news until I saw the Bill Frist quote that said "I'm not going to let the Patriot Act die". Thank god we're still occupying Iraq, by the way. We'll NEVER get enough oil out of Alaska now.

Posted By: Ian on 12.22.05 @ 06:01 AM EDT [link]

Monday, December 19th

What are you so mad about?

Maybe you're not. Well, Terry is (see previous post), and I sure am:
Our president is an arrogant, entitled, indifferent liar, corrupt C.E.O.'s routinely resign quietly with millions in severance pay, the media tells me the economy's fine while half my friends are unemployed and the other half are in debt up to their necks, utility companies and financial institutions nickel-and-dime us with trivial charges that often aren't worth rectifying by waiting on hold for an automated response system that won't resolve the problem...I'm pissed. Are you?

Posted By: Ian on 12.19.05 @ 06:33 PM EDT [link]

Sunday, December 18th

Return of the Outrage

Weíre back!

By this time last year, (when a country full of knuckle-draggers,) re-elected the biggest buffoon our country has ever had in the presidency, I had opted to shut up and go away!

We lost!

The right-wing, conservative marketers had bought and sold a better election. The rich got wealthier as the poor and the problems at home went unmentioned by this administration and it looked like we were in for another four years of moving backwards as a society.

America is broken!

Donít kid yourself and say it isnít! Donít stick up for this administration just because you voted for them because at this point almost every Republican I talk to has had second thoughts and reservations. (Die-hard fiscal Republicans hate what this administration has done to their party and they constantly refer to Bush as ďthe idiot.Ē)

Gays have not taken over the country, nor has the war on terror been won, (yet what is obvious is that we tortured prisoners to great lengths, this administration knew who leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent, and our President authorized illegal searches of innocent Americans who opposed the war and the administration.

Liberals are not destroying America like the vile and venomous Ann Coulter and Bill O`Reilly would like you to believe.

Ignorance is destroying America, (and a lot of natural disasters!)

Most politicians lie. Republican or Democrat, they just want to hold office for money and power!

Posted By: terry on 12.18.05 @ 10:45 PM EDT [link]

Black Box. Black Out. Die Bold.

Call me paranoid, but why didn't the U.S. press cover the story about the C.E.O. of Diebold resigning in a whirl of scandal? Could it be that after promising in a fund-raising letter in 2003 that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year" some friends in high places made some phone calls?

If you care about issues pertaining to the electronic highjacking of democracy in the U.S., check out

Posted By: Ian on 12.18.05 @ 04:11 PM EDT [link]

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