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12/18/2005:"Return of the Outrage"

Weíre back!

By this time last year, (when a country full of knuckle-draggers,) re-elected the biggest buffoon our country has ever had in the presidency, I had opted to shut up and go away!

We lost!

The right-wing, conservative marketers had bought and sold a better election. The rich got wealthier as the poor and the problems at home went unmentioned by this administration and it looked like we were in for another four years of moving backwards as a society.

America is broken!

Donít kid yourself and say it isnít! Donít stick up for this administration just because you voted for them because at this point almost every Republican I talk to has had second thoughts and reservations. (Die-hard fiscal Republicans hate what this administration has done to their party and they constantly refer to Bush as ďthe idiot.Ē)

Gays have not taken over the country, nor has the war on terror been won, (yet what is obvious is that we tortured prisoners to great lengths, this administration knew who leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent, and our President authorized illegal searches of innocent Americans who opposed the war and the administration.

Liberals are not destroying America like the vile and venomous Ann Coulter and Bill O`Reilly would like you to believe.

Ignorance is destroying America, (and a lot of natural disasters!)

Most politicians lie. Republican or Democrat, they just want to hold office for money and power!

Ian and I never stopped talking or being friends when I left this site. I just felt like our opinions were meaningless and just decided to focus on other things.

I was right to take a break but wrong to think we didnít matter or that we couldnít help or make a difference.

We will make a difference and we will help fix this broken country.

Americans are lost! They have forgotten what is truly important. 9/11 didnít unite people, but allowed the greedy and arrogant to turn us against each other when we most needed to stand together.

The rich and powerful should not inherit this country, but rather those who have character and strength and the desire to improve a world that is always in need of aid. We can change so much with very little effort or energy.

The world will never be perfect, but we can make it better for those who have it so bad.

We canít fix poverty and homelessness, but we can reduce it.

Not every one in this country believes in the same god or ideal, but we can live together in a world that respects all of our unique ways of life.

Ian and are going to take this site and turn it into a mighty hammer, and we are going to wield it to restore sanity and solidarity to our great country.

Someone give us 50 million dollars and watch us start improving lives. You wonít see us buying yachts and BMWs, youíll see us rebuilding America!

What you will see is us sharing hope and helping others help themselves.

This is the beginning of a new era, and we arenít going to stop until true peace and unity returns to this country.

So, keep watching because some pretty amazing things are going to happen!

Terry Osterhout
December 18, 2005

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