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Home » Archives » December 2005 » What Do YOU Want For Christmas?

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12/24/2005:"What Do YOU Want For Christmas?"

Well, I'm actually glad to see that out of the fifty or so people I invited to say what they're mad about, only three people had a comment. Or maybe they were just too busy shopping. I'm not really celebrating Christmas this year, but if I had a few Christmas wishes, they would include:

An end to armed conflict:
People don't start wars, politicians do.
Less political correctness:
We're different, and we should appreciate the fact, not fear it.
A little less fear and anxiety amongst the citizenry:
America can be a pretty fun place, we need to relax and enjoy it.

If you're celebrating Christmas, no-one's ever bought me something from my Amazon Wishlist of three years ago. Have at it. But if you REALLY LOVE US, donate something to our European Vacation Fund

That's secret code for HOSTING BILL, which we're delinquent on right now...
What ever you do, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!

By the way, what do YOU want for Christmas? Feel free to add your wish below...

Replies: 1 Comment

On Monday, December 26th, John Roos Said:

What do I want for Christmas? I think I'm going to start wanting for Christmas 2006 since this one was yesterday.

I want more environmental awareness from every individual living and breathing. smile

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