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Home » Archives » December 2005 » What are you so mad about?

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12/19/2005:"What are you so mad about?"

Maybe you're not. Well, Terry is (see previous post), and I sure am:
Our president is an arrogant, entitled, indifferent liar, corrupt C.E.O.'s routinely resign quietly with millions in severance pay, the media tells me the economy's fine while half my friends are unemployed and the other half are in debt up to their necks, utility companies and financial institutions nickel-and-dime us with trivial charges that often aren't worth rectifying by waiting on hold for an automated response system that won't resolve the problem...I'm pissed. Are you?

Replies: 4 Comments

On Monday, December 19th, sam Said:

stupidity being rewarded and intelligence being prosecuted/reprimanded

On Tuesday, December 20th, Kim Said:

I have repressed my madness in order to become at home in the world. Things that made me happy as a child still do, and things that made me happy on a Thursday night in college still do. But I am irritated by people ignoring that philosophically, a healthy democracy relies on public debate. Mudslinging doesn't qualify. While I agree with many of his points, it makes me just as irritated when Michael Moore mudslings as when someone on Fox News does it.

I'm also irritated that the Republican party, to whom I have been diametrically opposed since birth, has become hijacked to the point that I now actually wish the "old" Republican party (small government, little government intervention, personal freedoms) were in power instead of this imposter version. If we can't have John Kerry, Howard Dean, or Bill Maher in office, then bring back Gerald Ford!

Oh and another thing. The veil of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that many media organizations promulgate serves only to obfiscate any true examination of facts, opinions and solutions about real problems that our attention. With the national resources we have, and as our rhetoric and historical documents purport, we should actually aspire to become a nation that promotes humanity and equality, and views war as a last option- usually only in response to true provocation.

And we might remind our president that democratic movements always start as populist movements from within a nation. That is how success is ensured. Externally imposed democracy is an oxymoron.

On Tuesday, December 20th, John Roos Said:

I think we have lost touch with who we are. People are so quick to freak out and so far away from the moments of actual living. I'm the biggest offender of this and can only hope to zen out.

On Thursday, December 29th, BC Said:

Frankly, getting angry has gotten old. It just gets in the way. It makes me act much worse than I am capable of. Mad has just plain gotten to the point of being dumb and useless. I'm better at everything when I am not mad. Getting mad is what happens when I forget that getting mad is dumb and useless. Nothing matters that much. Nothing is worth taking that seriously. Getting mad just hurts whatever is in the way. And there's enough hurt in the world. If I had my way, I'd never get mad again.

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