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Home » Archives » December 2005 » Sicky New Year or All I got for Christmas was this "puppet president."

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12/23/2005:"Sicky New Year or All I got for Christmas was this "puppet president.""

Wow! What a week. I got food poisoning and the flu in the same week! OK, Iíll try to muster some rage for a healthy rant. Being one of those recovering alcoholics, I am sailing on one of the only ways I get high these daysÖ couch syrup when Iím sick!

Yes, I am as good as gone.

Since I am an alcoholic, but have never gone through the steps, I thought it might make for an interesting piece to apologize to all of those I caused pain when I was a drunk and thought this might be a good place to do it!

Maybe soon I will do it, but not yet.

I thought I could rail against the commercialism of the holidays, but after spending so many holidays alone, (yes my wife is working again this year,) I decided not to. When I have children and my wife isnít in her residency Iím going to celebrate the holidays like never before, (even though I donít consider myself affiliated with any faith.)

I could list my New Yearís resolutions, but I have already begun practicing two months ago, (expect naked pictures of my hot new bod soon due to my new workout routine,) so I donít need to bore everyone with another list of things to do.

I could rant about how much I hated King Kong and the Chronicles of Narnia and how both films made me wish for a new David Lynch film. Complaining about Hollywood is like complaining that skin gets wrinkly as you age. All one has to do is live in California, (which I still love,) to understand why Hollywood sucks so hard and churns out such tepid crap.

I could rant about how long it takes me to actually blog and decide what topic to tackle every other day, but if you have followed this so far, do you really want to hear me complain anymore?

Happy Holidays sheep!

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