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03/28/2005:"Terri Schiavo's Blog"

Yes, Terri Schiavo has a blog. So does her husband. Did you know there's a save Terry Schiavo teddy bear? Then there's the "To Hell With Terri Schiavo, Stop Feeding Kirstie Alley" t-shirt.

Forgive me, I was sure this story would die (sic) before it drove me insane. But could someone please explain to me why this woman's life is more important than the thousands who've died in Iraq or the millions dying of starvation * or being slaughtered worldwide? Or anyone else who's been unplugged in the last 30 years or so?

By the way. Did you know Tom Delay's family did some unplugging of their own?

If I'm ever PVS, unplug me. There's my will. (Bet that expression's going to catch on at the grade schools: "Dood, UR like Soooooo PVS!" )

* Why do they call it hunger? these people are effing starving, it's not like they want more fries or something

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On Monday, March 28th, mkultra Said:

Oooooh. Sounds like somebodies got the Monday grumps!