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Home » Archives » March 2005 » It Also Makes PERFECT Espresso!

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03/23/2005:"It Also Makes PERFECT Espresso!"

UPDATE (03/24):
This was a rather nerd-centric link anyway, but they've since updated the info. The Amazon shopper reviews in the meantime (a new one about every twenty minutes) were quite amusing, I'm surprised they didn't cash in on it as viral marketing.

I'm not usually one to post a product link, but Amazon has an incredible new computer on sale that has a 10 GHz processor. Check out these features:

Model: TPCV1250S
Price: $2,312.95
10.00 GHz AMD Athlon
2 Gigabytes DIMM
30 Terabyte IDE Hard Disk

A typical user review:
...Wow! This thing went sooo fast, it caused a temporal vortex, throwing me and the computer back in time...I am writing this review three years before the product has even been invented....