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Home » Archives » March 2005 » No Really. Waffa The Fatwa?

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03/12/2005:"No Really. Waffa The Fatwa?"

You know, Tatu is so 2002 we won't even get into it. But why didn't the terrorism-themed follow-up act n.A.T.o. catch on? Personally I think this video (DIVX AVI) ROCKS. Well, the terrorist theme lives on. Check out M.I.A. (what is it with the A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S., anyway?). Apparently her dad was grrrrrrrrrreat, like, er... Tamil the Tiger. There's an impossibly slow video download here.

If you like M.I.A., maybe you'll like MU. Asian pop as terrorism. With titles like Afro Finger and Gel, how could you go wrong? Video here (Quicktime). And not to be overlooked in the realm of terrorist-themed divas: Osama Bin Laden's niece. Seems if yer purdy, can figure out how to use Audiomulch, and have a video camera, you're destined for fame.