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Home » Archives » March 2005 » Film on the Web: We Can't Strand It

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03/15/2005:"Film on the Web: We Can't Strand It"

Today marked the release of Blair Witch Project creator Daniel Myrick's new web-only film The Strand. I'm sure it's a fascinating piece of work, but we may never know; they've made some some serious mistakes in launching their idea.

First off, to view the first (and only free) "webisode", you have to:

1.) Provide an e-mail address (no big deal)
2.) Have a BitTorrent client (how many people even know what this is?)
3.) Be running Win XP, 2000, or NT, though 30% of users still have Win98
(They say a Mac version is coming. Film people snubbing Mac users? Weird)
4.) Have Windows Media Player 9 installed (insecure, truly evil software)
5.) Create BitPass account (Many people still don't even trust PayPal)
6.) Download the file in BitTorrent (See here for the problems they're having)

In spite of these problems (we really do wish them the best), it looks like the people they're working with have some interesting ideas. They seem to have a set of loosely associated sites that are exploring interesting stuff: may turn out to be an interesting new "pay-per-play" option, looks like it might be a cool new mp3 site, and Haxan Films is consulting on another indie film, Nothing So Strange.

Anybody got a viable torrent link?