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Home » Archives » November 2006 » It's Not Civil, And It's Not War

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11/28/2006:"It's Not Civil, And It's Not War"

Well, it's about time. Civil war has been declared in Iraq. By NBC, anyway. GW still hasn't put down the crack pipe or taken off the blindfold. Crooks & Liars has a great Daily Show clip (in both Quicktime & Windows Media) of Jon Stewart and John Oliver covering this topic better than any "real" news outlet ever will. An excerpt:

Stewart: 3,000 Iraqis died just this month. To argue over what to call it seems like semantic quibbling.
Oliver: Semantic quibbling? Oh, well, I wouldn't call it that.
Stewart: What would you call it?
Oliver: A minor linguistic flareup between two parties of different terminological points of view.

Speaking of covering the war better than major news outlets, check out YouTube for a raw look at the war (NSFW, if silhouettes that may or may not be having sex are not safe for work). Food for thought: that seven minute video cost you as a taxapayer at least $21,000.00 (based on an approximate hourly cost of 3 grand for an Apache helicopter).