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Home » Archives » November 2006

Thursday, November 30th

See Al Run! Run Al Run!

gore_prada (5k image)

Don't get me wrong; I'm not a huge fan of Al Gore as a politician. I've always said that if he'd only removed the stick from his ass for about ten minutes back in 2000, he would've kicked George's all over the room. I do think he's pretty smart though, and would present a better face to the world in 2008 than anybody else that's in the running so far. This GQ piece with him is hilarious, with lines like "I have a battery-powered hubris alarm on my belt. And it’s set on vibrate, and it’s going crazy." Go Al. Go Al. This might've even inspired me to throw one of these crazy Inconvenient Truth DVD-Watching Parties. By the way, Al's wearing Prada in that picture on the left.

Posted By: Ian on 11.30.06 @ 07:36 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, November 29th

A Letter to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Pot and Kettle (13k image)
Mahmoud baby, interesting letter, but you should've put it on MySpace. Blogs are so...bloggy. At least you're allowing comments, although all of us here in the U.S. are pretty sure that your entire connection to the Internet is being packet-sniffed by Echelon and the NSA, so the last thing we're gonna do is post comments. Some nice sentiments all the same, except for the part where you go apeshit on Zionists. You start sounding pretty Bushy right about there, although it IS a little refreshing to hear the kettle fight back once in awhile. Which is how pretty much all the brighter folks in the U.S. are gonna hear this: the kettle calling the pot or whatever. Makes for fun flamewars on Fark and Metafilter though, so thanks.

Posted By: Ian on 11.29.06 @ 05:22 PM EDT [link]

Tuesday, November 28th

It's Not Civil, And It's Not War

Well, it's about time. Civil war has been declared in Iraq. By NBC, anyway. GW still hasn't put down the crack pipe or taken off the blindfold. Crooks & Liars has a great Daily Show clip (in both Quicktime & Windows Media) of Jon Stewart and John Oliver covering this topic better than any "real" news outlet ever will. An excerpt:

Stewart: 3,000 Iraqis died just this month. To argue over what to call it seems like semantic quibbling.
Oliver: Semantic quibbling? Oh, well, I wouldn't call it that.
Stewart: What would you call it?
Oliver: A minor linguistic flareup between two parties of different terminological points of view.

Speaking of covering the war better than major news outlets, check out YouTube for a raw look at the war (NSFW, if silhouettes that may or may not be having sex are not safe for work). Food for thought: that seven minute video cost you as a taxapayer at least $21,000.00 (based on an approximate hourly cost of 3 grand for an Apache helicopter).

Posted By: Ian on 11.28.06 @ 10:17 PM EDT [link]

Tuesday, November 21st

Griffin Mill Did It

altman (5k image)


Posted By: Ian on 11.21.06 @ 06:13 PM EDT [link]

Monday, November 20th

If I Did It, Why'd You Acquit It?

oj_thekilla_simpson (6k image)

This has to be the marketing ploy of the century. Since when does Fox care about the moral or human ramifications of the products they produce? These are, after all, the people that brought us "Michael Jackson Take 2: The Interview They Wouldn't Show You". Anyway, makes for some amusing content on the web. Check out the tags and and several hundred forums on

Posted By: Ian on 11.20.06 @ 11:42 PM EDT [link]

Sunday, November 19th

Do You Feel A Draft?

rankel_clinton_sm (12k image)

Proving that if you want a long career in Washington you need to remain an enigmatic self-serving bundle of contradictions (he's the fourth-longest serving Democratic House member), today Charles Rangel called for reinstatement of the draft. So, he voted against the Iraq war, but feels we really need more troops to fight it. What does he care? He's too old to get drafted now, and already served in the Korean War anyway. Wonder if he was drafted or signed up voluntarily? He looks pretty good at Hillary's feet, anyway, doesn't he?

Posted By: Ian on 11.19.06 @ 10:40 PM EDT [link]

Saturday, November 18th

What Do Bruce Lee & Paris Hilton Have In Common?

bruceandparis (8k image)

They're both on this page I just designed for my friend John's new T-Shirts.

Posted By: Ian on 11.18.06 @ 11:26 PM EDT [link]

Thursday, November 16th

There's No Turning Back Now...

delete_britney (9k image)

Looks like they're serious. Britney & Kevin have deleted each other as MySpace friends. *Sob*

Posted By: Ian on 11.16.06 @ 11:19 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, November 15th

There's A Party On My Planet, And I Want You All To Come

There's A Party On My Planet, And I Want You All To Come (9k image)

Finally, a movement I can get behind. Anyone care to work with me on this one? Even though they look like a really freakin' annoying pair of pot smokin', crystal-rubbin', wheat grass eatin' hippies, let's all give it up for Donna Sheehan & Paul Reffell, the people behind Global Orgasm Day (WARNING! Annoying looped new-age guitar and Flash design). Their mission? " effect change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible surge of human energy..." i.e.: a big simultaneous orgasm. Count me in! It's a win-win situation! Strangely enough there's some science behind it too. Check out Princeton's Global Consciousness Project.

Posted By: Ian on 11.15.06 @ 06:18 PM EDT [link]

Tuesday, November 14th

Personal Jesus

jesus_doll (3k image)

While I've always liked the Depeche Mode song, isn't this doll a little idolatrous?

Posted By: Ian on 11.14.06 @ 11:30 PM EDT [link]

Monday, November 13th

Nobody Here

Just him.

Posted By: Ian on 11.13.06 @ 11:11 PM EDT [link]

Sunday, November 12th

Climbing the Walls

Tokyo Rocks to the Planet Rock, Don't Stop.

I think I may have discovered a new addiction. A friend took me to Planet Rock today to go rock climbing for the first time. The scanned card on the left is for those of my friends who demanded a photo before they'd believe I was doing it. Yeah, I could've faked the graphic, but I think "Top Roping" just confirms you as a total noob. If I were gonna fake the graphic, don't you think I'd make it "Master Climber" or "Tyrolean Traverse" or something? Photos next time, I swear.

Posted By: Ian on 11.12.06 @ 09:08 PM EDT [link]

Friday, November 10th

Garden-Gays Dot Com

not_gay2 (17k image)

You may have caught the news item yesterday about the Houston company called Garden Guy that doesn't do work for gay people. Apparently their site at got a lot of traffic angrily posting in their forum on gardening. I wonder though, how much more traffic did they send to (I wouldn't click that even if I were gay) because of the inevitable typos?

Posted By: Ian on 11.10.06 @ 11:24 PM EDT [link]

Thursday, November 9th

Nice Day for a, White Wedding Christmas

Not that he was ever really punk anyway, but I just want to thank Billy Idol for completely confirming the death of punk. The first time around, little Billy's arrival helped put punk in its grave with his New Wave posturing, but this time he's picking up its dusty corpse and making it dance. Nice Day for a, White Wedding Christmas! Oh yeah. Don't miss Billy's MySpace page.

Posted By: Ian on 11.09.06 @ 09:21 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, November 8th

Don't Put That Chubby Bunny In Your Mouth...

chubbybunny (17k image)

...unless you know where it's been. I like to think I keep up on all the latest trends, even if I'm too sedentary and fearful to pursue them. How the hell did I miss out on playing Chubby Bunny though? And who would think it could possibly be DEADLY?

Posted By: Ian on 11.08.06 @ 11:24 PM EDT [link]

Tuesday, November 7th

Yeah, I Voted Today....

democracy_a2style (16k image)

...but I'm not sure anyone else in my town did. That picture on the left is my local polling place at about 3pm. Oh wait, I forgot. I live in a town full of bleeding heart liberal intellectuals. They were all at the cafe TALKING about voting. You know, even though I didn't vote on an electronic voting machine, the prevalence of them gave me the weird feeling that we're all living in a PlaySkool democracy, where the government's our mom and thinks it's cute the way we think our votes are being counted just like in a real grownup democracy...

Posted By: Ian on 11.07.06 @ 10:42 PM EDT [link]

Monday, November 6th

This Land is Your Land...

...but your vote may belong to whomever wants it and has the skills to get it. Just ask the people at, or read the book on the left. But seriously, will your vote count? Some people aren't so confident. Don't let that stop you from hitting the polling place Tuesday. Find your polling place here. At least enjoy the ILLUSION of democracy.

Posted By: Ian on 11.06.06 @ 10:59 PM EDT [link]

Sunday, November 5th

It's Not October, and it's Not Surprising...

Rumsfeld and Hussein (9k image)

It's not surprising that George Bush referred to Saddam Hussein's sentence as a "major achievement" and a "milestone" for Iraq, given that as governor of Texas he had 131 Americans executed. It's also not surprising that both Hussein and Rumsfeld are making the papers this week, is it?

Posted By: Ian on 11.05.06 @ 10:22 PM EDT [link]

Saturday, November 4th

Unbeatable Airfares


Wow. I didn't know organizations like Amnesty International could have a sense of humour...

Posted By: Ian on 11.04.06 @ 11:30 PM EDT [link]

Friday, November 3rd

Presidential Speeches, Technorati Style

Ah'm a DeciderChirag Mehta, whoever he is, has put together this very cool tool to view word frequency in presidential speeches. Use the slider control to move through different presidents and time periods to see what the hot buzzwords were for different eras. You'll see a lot of the words "economic" and "freedom", but you'll also see different words emphasized during different cabinets. Interestingly, Clinton was one of the only ones to emphasize "deficit", and Nixon barely mentioned "Vietnam". Probably because the hippies were doing it for him...(See or technorati if you're not familiar with "word clouds")

Posted By: Ian on 11.03.06 @ 11:45 PM EDT [link]

Thursday, November 2nd

Give a Man Fish, and He'll Eat for a Day...

deadfish (5k image)...teach a man to fish, and he'll starve in fifty years. When I still worked in restaurants a few years ago, a knowledgeable chef I worked with explained that the main reason there were so many new fish choices in restaurants was because more traditionally popular fish were so overfished at their natural depths that the remaining fish of any given type tasted like crap. Not surprising if the information in the linked article is true. As the Dolphins in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy say as the world is ending: "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

Posted By: Ian on 11.02.06 @ 11:24 PM EDT [link]

Wednesday, November 1st

October Surprise? I Got Your October Surprise...

rove kerry 08 (9k image)With the mid-term elections just a week away, we should expect this kind of stuff, but every time John Kerry opens his mouth, I'm more convinced that he's a Republican shill. It wasn't enough that he gave away the White House in 2004, now he has to open his big yap and possibly help the Dems lose a bunch of campaigns that should be cakewalks. The really absurd thing is that what he said is actually TRUE. A lot of guys are in the service specifically because they didn't go to college, and wanted to better themselves. WHY APOLOGIZE, unless you're trying to look like MORE of a buffoon and dominate the news cycle for another few days? Who needs an American Hostage crisis when you have John Kerry?

Posted By: Ian on 11.01.06 @ 11:20 PM EDT [link]